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California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) Strengthens Commitment to the Globalized World of the Arts

Carol Kim appointed Vice President for International Relations, overseeing global initiatives across the six schools of the Institute.

September 16, Valencia, CA--California Institute of the Arts’ (CalArts) President Steven D. Lavine today announced the creation of a new office overseeing international initiatives at CalArts, and the appointment of Carol Kim to the role of Vice President for International Relations as of September 1.

The Office of International Relations will play a critical role in sustaining CalArts’ existing international collaborations as well as liaise with faculty to identify and prioritize new opportunities around the world. Ms. Kim and her team will work to attract more international students to campus, prepare Institute students to work in the globalized arts world and economy, and generate opportunities for a greater international presence for CalArts through collaborations with arts programs in a growing assortment of countries.

CalArts currently has initiatives underway, or in the planning stages, in China, Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, France, Germany, England, the Czech Republic, Russia, Rwanda and a number of other countries. “The assignment for the Vice President for International Relations is to work with faculty, the Office of Admissions, and across the Institute to mold our current decentralized efforts into a robust, mutually reinforcing whole,” said President Lavine. “We can now maximize opportunities to deepen existing relationships and create new partnerships around the world--meeting with local alumni and current parents, recruiting students, and connecting with institutions to explore creative partnerships.”

With nine years of experience at CalArts, first as Director of Admissions and then Dean of Enrollment Management, Ms. Kim brings the necessary recruitment skills and a deep understanding of the inner workings of CalArts to her new position. In addition to expanding CalArts recruitment to raise international enrollments from their current 11% level to 20-25% by the year 2020, she will be responsible for creating and maintaining, international exchanges designed to prepare CalArts students for an increasingly internationalized art world, enhancing CalArts’ already strong global reputation, and building a worldwide fundraising program to help sustain both international and CalArts as a whole.

CalArts has a multidisciplinary approach to its studies of the arts through six schools: Art, Critical Studies, Dance, Film/Video, Music and Theater. CalArts encourages students to explore and recognize the complexity of the many aspects of the arts. It is supported by a distinguished faculty of practicing artists and provides its Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts students with the hands-on training and exposure necessary for an artist's growth. CalArts was founded in 1961 and opened in 1969 as the first institution of higher learning in the United States specifically for students interested in the pursuit of degrees in all areas of visual and performing arts.

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