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'Black Clock 13' Sums it All Up

Los Angeles, November 29--A good mix-tape isn't a collection of greatest hits.  Rather it provides the revelation of familiar work placed in different contexts and thereby rendered new.  Black Clock's biggest issue yet, lucky number 13 is a self-portrait, amassing from the previous twelve issues--more than thirty visions and sensibilities representing the magazine's constant evolution since its inception in 2004.  These range from such renowned authors as Don DeLillo, Richard Powers, Joanna Scott, Jonathan Lethem, Lynne Tillman, Rick Moody, Aimee Bender, Greil Marcus and Samuel R. Delany to assorted cult figures, literary renegades and new discoveries, and include such instant classics as Geoff Nicholson's "A Walk Around the World" (originally in Black Clock 8), Susan Straight's "Her Royal Highness" (issue 5), Andrew Hultkrans' subsequently anthologized "Revolution Blues" (issue 2) and "Paris Hilton Calls on Jesus" from poet Robert Polito (issue 6).  

"These are the regulars," writes editor Steve Erickson of the roster in the issue's introduction, "and if anyone complains that sometimes we publish the same authors over and over, the answer is guilty as charged, in both intent and result, because from the beginning, this is a magazine that has sought to define itself by its voices, and to that end, this particular issue means not to be a "best-of" but an autobiographical document of what the magazine has been so far."

Singular, idiosyncratic, and a little mysterious, Black Clock has become one of America's leading literary journals. As well as the authors collected in the new issue, the magazine has featured work by David Foster Wallace, Miranda July, Carlos Ruiz Zaf√≥n, Christopher Sorrentino, Katherine Dunn, Chris Abani, William T. Vollmann and many others, along with its growing number of striking literary debuts.  Fiction, essays and poetry appearing in Black Clock have appeared in best-of-the-year collections and nominated for O. Henry and Pushcart prizes, and two excerpted novels have gone on to win National Book Awards.

Black Clock's staff includes, along with acclaimed novelist and CalArts faculty member Erickson, Senior Editor and adjunct faculty member of CalArts' Writing Program Bruce Bauman; Managing Editor Michaele Simmering; Deputy Managing Editor Kyoung Kim and Assistant Managing Editor Joe Milazzo; and Art Director Christopher Morabito. Black Clock is published semi-annually by the CalArts MFA Writing Program. One-year subscription (2 issues): $20. Single issue cover price: $13. To subscribe, consult Black Clock subscription agent fictionondemand.com. For more information see www.blackclock.org.

Last edited by dthatt on Nov 29, 2010
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