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Black Clock 8 Embarks on Outer and Inner Journeys

January 4, 2008, Valencia, CA--The eighth issue of Black Clock arrives on newsstands and in bookstores in early January 2008. The stories and poetry in the newest issue of California Institute of the Arts' (CalArts) literary journal are "loosely linked by the idea of physical and emotional nomadism," said editor Steve Erickson. "These are travels and sojourns of the outward and inward sort, guided by such writers as Geoffrey O'Brien, Susan Straight, Tom Carson, Lisa Teasley, Yxta Maya Murray, Chris Kraus, Michael Ventura and others."

From the cover image of a tunnel leading deep into the magazine's pages, Black Clock 8 speaks to our wanderlust even if, as in the case of Geoff Nicholson's "A Walk Around the World," the central character decides to walk a distance circling the globe all within his own backyard. In "The Sting of Irrelevancy" author Joanna Scott is stranded in Rome and finds herself contemplating Jorge Luis Borges' wandering dreamers, while in Lewis Shiner's "Wonderland" the protagonist's journey takes him only a few blocks from where he lives and works into 1960's Harlem--which might as well be another planet.

Published by CalArts in association with the MFA Writing Program, Black Clock features work by prominent national writers, talented regional authors and the very best emerging writers.

Black Clock's staff includes Erikson, a novelist, critic and CalArts MFA Writing Program faculty member in addition to being the magazine's Editor, Senior Editor and adjunct member of CalArts Writing Program faculty Bruce Bauman, Editor-at-Large Dwayne Moser, Managing Editor Michaele Simmering and Art Director Ophelia Chong.

Black Clock
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