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CalArts announces new Master's Degree program in Aesthetics and Politics

November 15, 2007, Valencia, CA--The School of Critical Studies at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) is now accepting applications for a new Master's of Arts (MA) program in Aesthetics and Politics. This one-year, full-time program of study is designed for artists from all disciplines seeking to deepen the theoretical and political elements of their work, as well as to those seeking to combine their artistic practice with a scholarly career, or, to academically-oriented students interested in beginning graduate work in the fields of aesthetic and political theory. The fields of politics and art both have the potential to generate new meanings," said faculty member Martin Plot. "At this historical moment, we need to develop innovative strategies for public conversation. This program is concerned with both political art and the aesthetic dimensions of political life and will offer students new methods of artistic practice and new ways of understanding the world."

This program embraces an inclusive approach to the many perspectives and different points at which the aesthetic and the political intersect. First, the MA examines what is normally understood as political art--art-making that chooses to become critical discourse in the public sphere. Second, the program addresses the reverse phenomenon--the often discussed "aestheticization of politics" that has concerned critical theorists during the twentieth century and that continues to invite further reflection. Finally, the program aims to become a pole of attraction for students, artists, and scholars interested in the type of theorizing--characteristic of continental thought--that contextualizes aesthetic and political phenomena within a dynamic space in which social meanings are generated, renewed and contested. Applicants interested in these fascinating crossroads and increasingly burgeoning fields of study at CalArts will have the opportunity to enjoy the artistic environment and interdisciplinary dialogue that is unique to the Institute. Core courses in the MA in Aesthetics and Politics are taught by distinguished faculty from the School of Critical Studies; students may also take electives taught by faculty from the Schools of Art, Dance, Film/Video, Music and Theater. For more Information:http://calarts.edu/criticalstudies/programs/maaestheticsandpolitics


California Institute of the Arts:

CalArts, the first U.S. higher educational institution to integrate the visual and performing arts under one roof, is recognized as the nation's leading laboratory for the arts. Housing six schools: Art, Critical Studies, Dance, Film/Video, Music and Theater, CalArts embraces creative cross-pollination among diverse art forms and traditions and strongly encourages each artist to pursue his or her vision within a broad context of social and cultural understanding.

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