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Library Services for Students

Do you need help finding specific resources or help doing research for a paper? You may meet with a librarian for a one-on-one consultation if you need in-depth research help. See below to identify the librarian for your subject area:

Critical Studies
Brena Smith
Coordinator of Reference, Outreach, and Instruction

Art and Film/Video
Karen Baxter
Visual Arts Librarian

Music, Dance, and Theater
Kathy Carbone
Performing Arts Librarian

Courses available:

CS214 – Research Studio
Discover and reinvent what “research” means to visual and performing artists. Learn to search and evaluate a variety of library and Internet resources. Areas covered include: searching library catalogs; using full-text subscription databases and advanced searching on the World Wide Web. Learn how to find and use news sources, biographical sources, picture resources and print and electronic reference sources. Critical evaluation of the nature and source of information will be emphasized.

MD702 – Methodologies for Music Writing and Research
This course will introduce students to investigative methodologies useful for graduate coursework, scholarly and creative research, the preparation of pedagogical materials, and professional writing throughout their careers in music. Topics addressed will include music library resources, conducting a literature search, organizational strategies for scholarly writing, style and citation guidelines, the making of oral and multimedia presentations, copyright issues for scholars and educators, and the contemporary publishing

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