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Image Services


Image Services, in Library Film & Image Services, Room D205E.


See Library Hours.  Hours may vary during breaks and summer.

Digital Imaging Services

Library Image Services is responsible for the creation, duplication, acquisition, management, access and preservation of digital still and moving image files from materials residing in the Library that support the Library’s and the Institute’s mission.  

We provide:
Images for classroom teaching, presentations, research, study and other educational purposes

  • Faculty, students and staff, contact Image Services.
  • Request one to two full weeks prior to your needed date.

Instruction to use the ARTstor Digital Library, and the OIV (Offline presentation Tool), a digital image presentation software.

Digital imaging and reproductions of Library and Institute Archive materials.  

Digital Still Image Collections

CalArts Visual Resource Collection

  • For classroom teaching, presentations, research, study and other educational uses.  
  • Available to student, faculty and staff through the ARTstor Digital Library.

ARTstor Digital Library

  • Contains over 1.5 million images of art, architecture and culture from museums, galleries and     educational institutions around the world.  
  • Register for ARTstor from an on-campus computer.   

MFA Graphic Design Book Collection

  • Soon to be available in ARTstor.

Artists Books Collection

  • Soon to be available in ARTstor.  Some images available online.

Institute Archive

Digital Moving Image Collections

Videotape Preservation Project    

  • Currently underway for our endangered videotape collections.
  • Access DVDs available in our library catalog.  

Dance Camera West Collection

  • Will debut in Summer 2016.

For more information see:  Still Image Collections, Moving Image Collections and Digital Collections.


Digital images may be displayed, downloaded, transmitted, printed and used for classroom teaching, in-class presentations, personal study, course assignments, inclusion in unpublished student papers and portfolios, course web-sites (not publicly accessible) for review and study purposes, and for professional presentations at conferences, seminars, workshops.

Digital images may not be republished, redistributed, displayed on unrestricted web sites, used for any commercial purposes, fundraising, marketing or public relations without the permission of the copyright owner.

For more information, please see the Library’s copyright information:  http://calarts.edu/library/policies/copyright/images

For assistance, please contact

Eric Otto
Image Services Manager

Karen Baxter
Visual Arts Librarian
Managing Librarian for Film & Image Services

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