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Library Services for Faculty

Library Instruction to Classes

An important part of the Library’s instruction program is “course-integrated” instruction. This takes place when the faculty member and Librarian meet to design a class session or sessions which integrate library resources with the goals of the class. To learn more, including how library resources can supplement your teaching, contact Brena Smith at bsmith@calarts.edu or 661.291.3024

Are your students able to:

  • Effectively articulate their research question and identify the resources needed?
  • Develop effective search strategies and locate appropriate information (i.e. specific types of documents, scholarly materials, etc.)?
  • Evaluate the information they are utilizing?
  • Provide proper citations?

CalArts Librarians are ready to:

  • Provide research and library instruction based on the needs of your class and assignments.
  • Create customized Web content to support your class.
  • Collaborate with you to develop information-rich assignments.

Faculty Research Support

In addition to supporting your students’ research, CalArts Library is also committed to supporting your research needs. We understand that your research may require specialized resources or that you just may need an introduction or refresher in using the library. Consult with your métier librarian for in-depth research assistance.

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