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Faculty Guide to Placing Materials on Reserve

Library owned print materials or instructors' personal copies may be placed on reserve at the Library Circulation Desk by filling out the reserve request form.

Reserve request lists should be received at least 5 working days in advance of assignments to ensure that materials will be ready. This processing period is especially critical during the first six weeks of each semester. Request lists are date/time stamped as received and processed strictly on a first come, first serve basis.  The library is open during the month of August and this is the best time to submit reserve requests to guarantee availability by the beginning of the academic year.

Reserve materials may be checked out for two hours and may only be used in the library.

Instructors' personal copies of materials may be placed on reserve in place of, or in addition to, library owned materials.

All reserve will be removed off the reserve list and re-shelved in the general collection or returned to the faculty member at the end of each academic year. No reserves will be held over the summer if the faculty member is not teaching during that time.

Purchase Request

Materials not listed in the library online catalog may be ordered by filing out a Purchase Request Form. This order process may take several weeks. Instructors will be notified when the library receives the ordered materials.

For assistance, contact:

Bret Purpus
Circulation Supervisor
(661) 253-7889

Lavinia Welch
Access Services Librarian
(661) 253-7885

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