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Copyright & Art-making

Below are interactive websites to help one determine whether
an existing item (e.g., image, text, sound recording, video) is under U.S. copyright protection and the necessary steps for acquiring permission to use existing copyrighted items in one’s art-making. CalArts encourages all artists to get the necessary permissions for all uses of copyright protected items in their art-making. However, none of the following applies to educational uses of copyrighted materials as stated in section 110(1) of U.S. Copyright Law:   http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap1.pdf

All of the following applies only to items copyrighted in the United States. Visit the United States Copyright Office website for comprehensive information:   http://lcweb.loc.gov/copyright

Determining Copyright Status

1) The first step is to determine whether an existing item is under U.S. copyright protection:  

Copyright Determination Guidelines 

2) The next step depends on the type of item and how one wants to use it:

Performing Arts

Music Performance Guidelines  

Performance of Dramatic Works

Sound Recordings in Dance or Theater 

Digital Audio Transmission 

Visual Arts

Sound Recordings in Film or Video 

Use of Existing Items in a Work of Art 

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