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Master’s Theses

Master’s Theses

The library considers student work a vital part of our collections. We
take pride in the development of the Master’s Theses Collection. A
student’s thesis is an important culmination of his or her work at
CalArts and is a unique resource for current and future students,
faculty, and outside researchers.

All graduate students from the following programs are required to submit their thesis:

MFA Writing Program (Critical Studies): Collection begins 2011
MA Aesthetics & Politics (Critical Studies) Collection begins 2010
MFA Writing for Performance (Theater) Collection begins 2013
MFA Composition (Music) Collection begins 2013

Print copies are available in the library and circulate for the normal book loan period.

Submission Guidelines for Students:

Information about submission guidelines.  Also included are templates that can be utilized for your final submission.

Questions regarding accessing or submitting master’s theses:

Brena Smith
Coordinator of Reference, Outreach and Instruction

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