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Database Copyrights

Database Content Copyrights

CalArts Library provides students, faculty and staff access to a number of databases and online resources through the Library's web page. Many of these databases are negotiated and licensed through SCELC, the Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium, and subscription costs are calculated based on the number of FTE students at CalArts. Others are licensed through other agencies or vendors with specific usage guidelines.

The Library is currently licensing databases that contain full-text articles and digital image databases.

Full Text Articles Copyright Guidelines

Databases which contain full-text articles may have unique provisions for copyright. Legal printed copies of articles accessed by searching full-text databases are obtained by using the Print command on the web browser, through the Find menu or by pressing the Print button. Any number of copies may be printed this way and will be legal under the licensing agreements CalArts Library and SCELC have with the vendor. Each time the Print command is executed through the browser, the database owner is informed of the copy or copies being printed and can then send appropriate royalties to the rightsholder of the article.

Copies of articles printed from databases may not be photocopied. Articles generated this way are in violation of licensing agreements.

Digital Image Databases Copyright Guidelines

Digital image resources are copyrighted and are made available only for educational use of teaching, study or research and related activities. Images may be downloaded, transmitted, and printed out for personal study, for classroom teaching and study, for use in course assignments and other degree requirements, for inclusion in unpublished student portfolios, for course web-sites (not publicly accessible) for review and study purposes, and for professional presentations at conferences, seminars, workshops.

Images may not be republished, redistributed, displayed on unrestricted web sites, used for any commercial or business-related purposes, fundraising, marketing or public relations without the permission of the copyright owner and/or licensing agency.

An individual who does not comply with the copyright laws and follow the usage guidelines may be liable for any copyright infringement.

7/30/03; revised 7/25/05

Last edited by Jeff Gatten on Jul 02, 2012
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