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Computer Lab Use

The primary purpose of the Library Computer Lab is for librarians to conduct instructional sessions and to teach classes.  Students and faculty are welcome to use the computers in the Lab when the lab is not scheduled. Use of computers is on a first-come first-served basis.

All CalArts faculty and staff may reserve the Library Computer Lab for limited use, subject to availability. The room has seventeen
workstations.  On occasion, even a reserved date and time may be revoked if the Library Computer Lab is needed for a library instruction session.

On rare occasions, faculty may reserve the use of the Library Computer Lab on a particular day and time for the entire semester in order to teach a course.  However, it is understood that should the room be needed for a library instruction session during the same day and time when the course meets, the faculty member teaching the course will need to make other arrangements for the class to meet at a different location.  For this reason, semester-long reservations are strongly discouraged. At no time will more than three semester-long courses be allowed to reserve the Library Computer Lab.

Last edited by Jeff Gatten on May 04, 2011
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