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Institute Archive Collection Policy

The Institute Archive collects records from the Schools and Offices of CalArts, REDCAT and CAP that are of enduring and permanent value once they are past the period of active use.

Records that have been placed in the Institute Archive for permanent retention will be open for users according to the policies of the Institute Archive and within the discretion of the Institute Archive. For more information, see the Archives Access Policy.

Please fill out and attach the Archive Materials Submission Form to each container.

The Institute Archive collects the following materials:

Correspondence, reports, and subject files from:

The Office of President

The Office of Provost

The Office of Public Affairs

The Office of Advancement

The Office of International Relations

The Office of Vice-President

The Office of Registrar, also including class schedules, enrollment reports, graduation rosters and other reports issued on a regular basis

The Office of Admissions

The Office of Human Resources

The Office of Housing

The Office of Public Affairs

The Office of Financial Aid

The Office of Facilities Management

The Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Alumni, also including minutes of the alumni associations

Deans, directors, and administrators of the Schools of Music, Dance, Theater, Film/Video, Art, Critical Studies and the Division of Library and Information Resources

And the following:

Minutes, memoranda, correspondence, and reports of the Board of Trustees

Records of student organizations

Accreditation reports and supporting documentation

Annual budget and audit reports

All publications, newsletters, and booklets distributed in the name of CalArts/REDCAT and CAP including catalogs, handbooks, special bulletins, yearbooks, and student newspapers

Correspondence, subject files and reports of Records of the academic programs, including: minutes, reports, correspondence, syllabi, curricula, annual program reviews

Correspondence, subject files and reports of directors and administrators of REDCAT and CAP

Minutes, memoranda, and reports of all major academic and administrative commissions, councils and committees including Academic Council, Deans Council, Staff Council and Student Council and their committees

Final publications, photographs, artwork, performance recordings, programs or memorabilia

CalArts/REDCAT/CAP directories and faculty/staff rosters, faculty and administration newsletters and publications, alumni publications and ephemeral material

Photographs, negatives, slides, audio and video film, tapes, and reels, oral history interviews, and compact discs documenting the development of the CalArts/REDCAT/CAP

Artifacts relating to the history of CalArts/REDCAT/CAP

The Institute Archive also seeks documentation of the careers of the CalArts faculty in the following formats:

Correspondence: official, professional and personal

Biographical material: resumes, bibliographies, biographical sketches, chronologies, genealogies, newspaper clippings, and personal memoirs

Photographs and graphic materials

Recordings of lectures, speeches and discussions

Lecture notes and syllabi

Research files

Drafts and manuscripts of articles and books; documents from artistic process

Diaries, notebooks, appointment calendars and memorabilia

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