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Institute Archive Application

Application for use of Archival Records

Using the Archive’s finding aids please list below the items you would like to view, in the following manner:
  • Title of Collection
  • Title and Number of Series or Subseries
  • Title of Folder
  • Box and Folder Numbers

For example:
Photographic Materials Collection. Series 1. Negatives, 1969-1992. 1970-0002, Brownie Tours, 1972. 1:2

If you need assistance with using the finding aids, please contact the Institute Archivist: libraryarchive@calarts.edu

*Reproductions fee schedule.

I understand that:

1) permission to examine an archival record does not include permission to publish the contents of the record at any time, and that separate written application for permission to publish must be made to the Institute Archivist. I will respect the unpublished nature of the contents of records and, in particular, will recognize that disclosure of the contents of records might constitute an invasion of privacy if published in any manner.

2) photographic or other reproduction of archival records is to be made solely for my convenience in examining the reproduced. The records will not be examined by or transferred to any other person or institution.

3) the Institute makes no representation that it is the owner of the copyright of its unpublished or published records (the official records of the Institute excepted), and that I am responsible for obtaining permission to publish from the owner of the copyright (the author or his/her transferees, heirs, legatees, or literary executors). The Institute Archivist will assist the user in locating authors or their heirs.

Permission to publish a record or a substantial portion thereof will ordinarily be granted by the Institute Archive provided that permission has been secured from the holder of the copyright.

As a condition of use, the researcher assumes full legal responsibility for any infringement of literary, copyright, or publication rights belonging to the author, his/her heirs, or assigns.

Archival records are to be viewed at the Institute Archive’s Research Desk. Notes are to be made with pencil only.

Last edited by pfraser on Apr 24, 2013
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