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Strategic Plan


The strategic plan for the Division of Library and Information Resources is intended to serve as a road map to the future. Understanding that in order to fulfill our mission, the faculty and staff of the Division must approach the future from many directions over the next few years. Thus, our plan is driven by three themes that conceptualize the motivating forces behind each of five goals (collections, facilities, instruction, outreach, and services). The success of this plan will be measured by the extent to which we are able to achieve our goals.

We expect our strategic plan will be flexible enough to allow variations and changes to stated goals in order to address an evolving educational environment at CalArts. However, the goals will serve as our guideposts, bringing life to our mission.


Educational Experiences: Promote the Division of Library and Information Resources as a central component in the educational mission of the Institute.

Environmental Experiences: Create an inviting environment conducive to facilitating a variety of student learning needs.

Technological Experiences: Provide access to CalArts library resources as widely as possible and in ways that are useful and meaningful to students and faculty.


Collections: This goal is to increase the breadth and depth of resources available to the CalArts community and from CalArts to the world, thus strengthening our unique contributions to the mission of the Institute.

  • Increase funding for library acquisitions
  • Identify collections for preservation/conservation
  • Replace or reformat obsolete media
  • Enhance access to collections

Facilities: Creating an inviting physical environment conducive to inspiring staff and serving a variety of student learning needs is essential for maximizing existing resources.

  • Address pressing space issues
  • Create new or enhanced users spaces
  • Establish a regular cycle of facilities maintenance

Instruction: This goal focuses on creating a well-structured and comprehensive educational program and is intended to result ultimately in an enhanced educational experience for the students of CalArts.

  • Provide effective discovery tools
  • Connect to students via classroom faculty partnership

Outreach: The faculty and staff of Library & Information Resources want to improve how we inform our constituents about the wide array of value-added services we are able to provide to the academic community. In particular, we want to enhance communication among faculty, staff and students and promote Library and Information Resources as a central component in the educational mission of the Institute.

  • Promote the Library
  • Sponsor events that connect the Library with CalArts/world events
  • Ensure effect use of social networking tools & information technology
  • Develop fundraising initiatives

Services: Providing a high quality of services to all users is dependent on being responsive to student and faculty
needs as well as developing and supporting a well-trained and educated workforce.

  • Address overall quality of services
  • Increase staffing levels
  • Improve overall Library aesthetics
  • Enhance student employee training


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