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Summer Programs

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Barcelona, Spain

The School of Dance pays $500-$800 per student to supplement the cost of a four-week intensive program. Four to six BFA dance students attend per year.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Supported by the American Jewish Council, four students from The Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance were chosen to study at a dance intensive this past summer.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival | Edinburgh, Scotland

This summer program of the CalArts School of Theater will travel a group of student performers, designers, technicians and faculty to perform in and experience the  Edinburgh Festival Fringe, held annually each August in Edinburgh, Scotland. With the continued support of the Theatre School, we will continue our performance alliances with the Royal Scottish and Royal Welsh Academies of Music and Drama. For the past seven summers we three groups have formed a performance company and jointly presented work at Venue 13 during this amazing arts festival.  The major goals of the of the CalArtsFestivalTheater Program involve continued personal and professional enrichment for our students and faculty in this very special arts festival setting and service to the Institute as a whole by exposing the CalArts Theater brand to the international emerging artists scene.

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