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Faculty / Alumni Opportunities

Photo: LaSalle Academy Singapore

East China Normal University | Shanghai, China

East China Normal University will work with CalArts to build their existing filmmaking program. It will be a 3-year BFA production-based program. For the first year of the program, CalArts will act as a consultant. Starting in September 2011, alumni and 4-6 visiting artists would travel to Shanghai for 1-2 week sessions each year. Two to three CalArts faculty members would go in a given year.

ORT—Montevideo, Uruguay

January 2010 - December 2012: Three year project where CalArts recommends and facilitates a selection of Spanish speaking instructors to teach animation classes at ORT. CalArts to also offer curriculum advice as they develop their 4-year degree program. ORT pays for all travel, housing, and teacher salary.

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