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Save the Cal Grant

Due to a continued state budget deficit, California Gov. Jerry Brown is proposing to reduce the Cal Grant maximum award to students at California’s private, nonprofit colleges, including CalArts, from $9,708 to $5,472. That’s a 44 percent reduction!

This proposed change puts financially deserving, academically qualified CalArts students at risk of not being able to obtain a college education.

The governor's proposed Cal Grant cut will apply to both incoming and returning undergraduate Cal Grant students beginning in Fall 2012.

Legislators and the governor need to hear from CalArts students and their families who are most affected by this proposal.  Faculty and staff can help as well.

Be sure to visit the “Students First Alliance” Facebook page for updates, including dates of upcoming committee hearings.

Here's how you can help

Step 1: Take Action Today

Sign and Email the Students First Alliance statement of support petition.

Step 2: Tell Your Story

The best voice in support of Cal Grant funding is the student voice. The most important thing to talk about is your personal story.

  • Reach out to your elected officials through email, letters, phone calls and in-person meetings. The opinions that count most to legislators are those of the people who live in their districts!
    • To find your legislators, click here and enter your zip code. (If you enter the zip codes for both home and school, you can contact all of the identified legislators.)
    • Write letters of support and schedule visits with your legislators. Take some time to think about what a college education means to you and how the Cal Grant has helped. Give a brief description of your college experience, major, and career aspirations; include the importance of your Cal Grant in helping you to reach your goals.
    • Other links to elected official information:

Step 3: Community

Recruit friends to join the “Students First Alliance!”:

Step 4: Know the issues and keep informed

Know the facts. California Independent Colleges and Universities and the Student First Alliance have developed a toolkit to help keep students and their families and faculty informed and take action.

For more information please contact Financial Aid Counselor, Alina DeBellis at 661.253.7869 or via email at adebellis@calarts.edu.

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