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Extended Studies

Extended Studies at CalArts offers credit- and non-credit bearing options for creative exploration in the arts, on the ground and online, and on and off-campus. Our offerings are developed with the same artistic flavor and integrity of the curricular courses at CalArts.

  • Take one of our Portfolio Development workshops to boost your creative portfolio for application to programs in animation or graphic design, or help you sharpen your existing portfolio for a potential career change.
  • Our Summer Residencies offer intensive learning opportunities for undergraduates in Animation, Film, and teaching in the arts.
  • Our Summer Session courses provide undergraduates with an opportunity to pick up Critical Studies credits on CalArts’ green and seclusive campus.
  • Our Gateway Programs offer opportunities to incoming students in select programs to get oriented to the campus and its unique community–well before the semester begins.
  • Or get a taste of CalArts’ courses through our MOOCs offered through Coursera and Kadenze.

For more information, click the links at left or email extendedstudies@calarts.edu.

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