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Nicolas Rey: 'autrement, la Molussie (differently, Molussia)'

December 9, 2013
Monday, December 9, 2013 - 8:30pm

autrement, la Molussie (differently, Molussia), by Nicolas Rey.

REDCAT: "Few works so perfectly combine cinesensuality and Marxist dialectics: here, beauty is praxis and agitation becomes thought." —Film Comment

Based on fragments from Günther Anders’ novel The Molussian Catacomb, written between 1932 and 1936, Nicolas Rey’s captivating nine-part film presents allegorical stories and musings by political prisoners sitting in the pits of an imaginary fascist state called Molussia. Shown in random order whenever it is screened, the film’s sections ruminate on capitalism, imperialism and resistance—accompanied by gritty, unsettling self-processed images of undefined landscapes. A haunting and moving meditation on brutality and control, autrement, la Molussie has galvanized audiences at festivals throughout the world. Since 1993 Rey has been making films that hover between photography, documentaries and the avant-garde. He is one of the founders of the Paris-based artist film lab L’Abominable.

In person: Nicolas Rey


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