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Critical Studies MFA Writing Final Thesis Reading: Jill Foster, Justus Caudell and Sonal Malkani

March 15, 2012
Thursday, March 15, 2012 - 7:15pm

CalArts, Butler Building 4 - The Cube


JILL FOSTER is an interdisciplinary artist reflecting sound, light, place and space, and freedoms and limitations of the body, mind, and society. Her thesis, The Corners, investigates the play between memory and imagination, fact and fantasy, of a childhood spent in isolation, and in labor, on a dairy farm in southwest Wisconsin.

JUSTUS CAUDELL grew up on the Colville Indian Reservation in eastern Washington. His most recent publication is up-coming in Washington Square Review.

SONAL MALKANI is a poet, writer, and translator of Indian origin, born and raised in Kobe, Japan. Influenced by her Buddhist practice, Sonal’s work explores the role of language in re-imagining ideas of home, borders, and global citizenship.

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