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Critical Studies MFA Writing Program Final Thesis Reading: Byron Campbell, Evan Chavez and Melinda Morelli

March 8, 2012
Thursday, March 8, 2012 - 7:15pm

CalArts, Butler Building 4 - The Cube


BYRON ALEXANDER CAMPBELL is an LA-based writer preoccupied by notions of dream-space, story-space, liminal space, and the painfully narrow gulf separating mind and body. His short fiction and other projects have appeared in various venues online, and you might even find a piece or two in the more prosaic reality that exists between Wi-Fi hotspots.

The fortunate son and brother writes in solidarity after his muse dances. His artistic dogma: I’d eat the goddamn apple.

MELINDA A. MORELLI is an alum of the UCR creative writing program. She’s an LA native who spends a lot of time on the 5 between here and San Diego.

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