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CAP Instructor's Timesheet (see instructions on how to complete below) for those on regular payroll

CAP Instructor's Workstudy Timesheet for those who have been awarded Federal Workstudy funds only

Instructions for Online Timesheet(see form above)

CAP Payroll Schedule (refer to sheet) If any timesheets are received later than the due date, they will be submitted with the next pay period and will be paid on the following pay date.  Please refer to the payroll schedule. 

Reimbursement Form (for use if reimbursements are over $40 total ONLY. If reimbursement is less than $40 you must come in to the CAP office for a petty cash slip)

Payroll forms for employment

All forms below are mandatory before you begin working with CAP:

Application for Employment (for non-CalArts students)

Employee Data Form (for non-CalArts students)

Form I-9

Form W-4

Copies of I.D. (See list of acceptable documents under I-9 form)

If payroll forms are not received and you have started working with CAP, then you will be forced to stop working until all forms are received.

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