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CalArts Campus Safety

California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) is committed to promoting a safe and secure environment for all campus members and visitors. CalArts has developed policies and procedures to ensure that every possible precaution is taken to protect persons on campus from harm or theft.

CalArts is a community of over 1,800 students, faculty and staff. CalArts houses approximately 450 students in two on-campus residence halls. The cooperation and involvement of students and employees in a campus safety program are absolutely necessary.

Campus Safety Office

On the CalArts campus, the Campus Safety Office is here to assist and educate community members on how to take measures to ensure their personal safety. In addition, the Institute employs a full-time Risk Management Administrator whose responsibility is to assist in the safety of the CalArts campus and its community.

Campus Safety provides a full range of services to the CalArts community twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, year round. The department is located in room E100 in the main academic building. Campus Safety telephone numbers:

  • Internal/main switchboard 661.255.1050, extensions 2113, 2114 and 2222.
  • Direct line is 661.222.2702.

Note: Please add the Campus Safety phone number to your cell phone address book. This number can be called 24 hours a day for information or in case of emergency.

Potential criminal actions and other emergencies on campus can be reported directly by a student, faculty or staff member by calling the aforementioned telephone numbers.

Note: If the County of Los Angeles Sheriff's Department at 661.255.1121 is called please make CalArts Campus Safety aware of the situation.

Campus Safety Department:

  • is the first responder to emergencies of any kind
  • protects the persons and property of students, faculty, staff and visitors to CalArts
  • patrols by automobile, electric cart and on foot
  • provides basic first aid until the arrival of paramedics
  • monitors fire and door alarms
  • enforces traffic and parking regulations
  • takes reports of crimes and incidents
  • provides incident reports to the CalArts Administration and other persons, as applicable
  • assists law enforcement and other emergency service providers, as needed
  • provides around-the-clock escort service on campus upon request

Campus Safety officers are unarmed and have no special or police powers. Their arrest powers are identical to those of a private person, as provided in the California Penal Code section 837. Campus Safety is not a police department, but is responsible for law enforcement, security, and emergency response at CalArts. Campus Safety works closely and cooperatively with the County of Los Angeles Sheriff Department. The Campus Safety Department does not currently operate under agreements such as a written memorandum of understanding (MOU) with state and local police.

Incident Reports

To file an incident report, contact the Campus Safety Office at extension 2222, or you can do so in person at the Campus Safety Office located in room E100. Students, Staff and Faculty are eligible to receive a copy of an incident report provided they are named as a victim in the report. To obtain a copy of a report contact the Campus Safety Supervisor at extension 7700.

Lost and Found

Students who lose items on campus should ask for them in the Campus Safety Office. If the item can be identified as belonging to a particular student, the student will be notified via his or her mailbox. Items in the lost and found will be kept for only two weeks from the date of discovery. Found library books will be returned to the Library.

Parking/Campus Driving

On-campus parking is available to all students, staff and faculty with parking lots located adjacent to Chouinard Hall and the main building. Street parking is available as well throughout the campus. Guest parking is available for visitors in Lot #1. Students, staff and faculty can obtain CIA Vehicle Sticker for their vehicle. These stickers are to be displayed in the vehicle’s front left window. CIA Stickers are available during registration or may be obtained from the Campus Safety Office E100. No fee is required.

The speed on campus is 10 mph. It is the responsibility of each person to abide by all traffic laws as set forth in the California Vehicle Code, as well as regulations established for this campus. Those charged with speeding or reckless driving will be fined $50. All fines are due and payable upon receiving notice of violation and are issued by Campus Safety.

Parking Violations include: parking in a red zone; parking in a handicapped or reserved space; parking longer than 20 minutes in a temporary parking (green) zone, or visitor’s space; parking in a hazardous manner and parking in spaces reserved for the President, President’s guests or the nurse. These rules are enforced on a 24-hour a day, seven-days a week basis. A parking violation notice will be placed under the windshield wiper and a $25 fine will be levied.

Ahmanson Hall Road is a fire road and may be used only for loading/unloading for a maximum of 20 minutes. All vehicles, including those of residents, must be removed and parked in other designated parking areas. A $50 fine is assessed for any violation.

Parking in the Library Loading Dock Area, E-Ramp and the C-Annex Red Zone will result in a $100 fine.

Any vehicle left on campus which does not have a current vehicle registration (with the Department of Motor Vehicles) or which is not in a drivable condition will be considered an “abandoned vehicle.” The vehicle is subject to removal by the Institute 10 days after issuing notice to the owner. If the vehicle is not registered with CalArts, then no notice can be given and the notice period is waived.


The possession, use of or threat to use:

  • explosives
  • incendiary materials
  • dangerous or noxious chemicals
  • other dangerous materials or instruments
  • ammunition or weapons
  • real or facsimile or toy weapons
  • functioning or non-functioning weapons
  • loaded or unloaded weapons
  • gas or spring loaded guns
  • knife with a blade that exceeds 2”

on CalArts premises or at CalArts functions is not permitted. Students who wish to use weapons or instruments described above in their performances or as part of an art piece are directed to consult with the Risk Management Administrator in Facilities Management (Room D100) regarding Institute procedures for such uses. This consultation and approval must occur before any weapon or dangerous instrument is brought on campus.

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