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Santa Clarita Overview

Communities around the CalArts Campus

CalArts is in the city of Santa Clarita, located approximately 30 miles north of Los Angeles. Our community consists of five communities: Valencia, Newhall, Canyon Country, Castaic and Saugus. Stevenson Ranch, located next door to Valencia, is a separate city. The entire Santa Clarita Valley is expanding rapidly, both in industry and population, therefore, affordable housing is at a premium.

Check the Santa Clarita Guide's Living in the Santa Clarita Valley for information and helpful resources for those moving to the area.

If you choose to live outside the local area, an automobile or motorcycle for freeway travel is a must. Our community does not have convenient 24-hour public transportation that reaches the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area.

  • Valencia is a planned community and is where CalArts is located. This community is made up of single family homes, condominiums and a few newer apartments.
  • Newhall is the oldest community and is located south and east of Valencia approximately 2 miles. Housing consists of a variety of small single-family homes, small guest houses, older apartment buildings and some newer condominiums. This is a popular area for students to find housing off campus.
  • Canyon Country is located to the east of campus, approximately eight miles. It also offers a mixture of new and older homes, condominiums and apartments for rent.
  • Castaic is located approximately 10 miles to the north of Valencia. Also some trailer homes may be available to rent. This area has a limited number of apartment buildings.
  • Saugus is located north east of campus and offers the same as Canyon Country. It is approximately five miles from CalArts.
  • Stevenson Ranch is located directly west of CalArts (just across the freeway). It is a new community where there are some apartments and condominiums. The area is mostly single family homes. Stevenson Ranch is more expensive than other areas.
  • Val Verde is another popular area for off-campus housing. Students interested in a quiet, rural community will find small houses for rent. Val Verde is approximately 10 miles north west of CalArts off Highway 126.
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