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CalArts Weekend 2012 Schedule

Friday, October 19

11 am

Sign-up for Friday classes and evening events

12 pm

Welcome Luncheon: 
Hosted by Tom Lee, Co-Vice Chair, CalArts Board of Trustee. Remarks by Provost of California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), noted artist, art historian and educator Jeannene M. Przyblyski, Ph.D.

1-4 pm: Class Visits

  • School of Art: Typographics II, Painting: Studio and Critique, MFA1 Critique, Fuzze Pictures
  • School of Music/Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance: Choreographer/Composer Seminar, Music for Dancers B
  • School of Music: Methodologies for Music Research & Writing, Beginning African Music Ensemble, Career Designs for Musicians
  • School of Film/Video: Undergraduate Critique, History of Experimental Animation
  • School of Theater: Corsets and Crinolines, Acting Studio

Campus Tours & Workshops

1:15 - 2:15 pm: Campus Tours
3-4 pm: Getting to Know Critical Studies

An unstructured drop-in session for guests to learn about the intellectual culture that Critical Studies brings to the Institute as well as faculty specializations and research. Publications by Critical Studies faculty will be available for perusal.

4-5 pm: Studio Visit

The artist's studio is a special place of creation. It is also a site of critical encounter and dialogue between artists and their publics—mentors and colleagues, critics, curators and collectors and more. Join Provost and Art Faculty Member Jeannene Przyblyski for a series of conversations about work in progress with some of our MFA students, in their studios.

5 pm: Parents Circle Wine Reception

Hosted by Parents Circle Co-Chairs Marta Kauffman (Parent ’13, BFA Music) and Diane Arklin (Parent ’15, BFA Music). With entertainment by Kempis Trio

6-8 pm: Dinner 

Dinner is available for sale in the Café @ CalArts or at various off-campus restaurants.

7:30 pm: Movie Night

2012 Film Directing Student Films

8 pm: The School of Theater Production

The Time of Your Life
: A comedy directed by Mary Lou Rosato

8 pm: Student Choice Dance Concert

An evening of work choreographed by MFA and BFA students and curated by the School of Dance students.

The CalArts store, located next to the Donn B. Tatum Lounge on the second level, is open Friday from 11am to 3pm. CalArts merchandise is also available for purchase online at calarts.edu/store.

Saturday, October 20

8:30 am: Registration and Welcome Coffee

Campus Tours & Workshops

9 am
  • Tai Chi & Qigong Demonstration and Class: T'ai Chi means "supreme ultimate," two words that suggest great respect. "Chi" or "Qi" is usually translated as "life force" while Qigong means "chi work." T'ai Chi has many styles, forms, and practices, depending on the teacher's background and his or her unique personality and growth. It is practiced for healing, unifying, centering, enlivening and meditating. T'ai Chi/Qigong is considered to be a key to health, longevity, grace, beauty and self-defense. Performers can draw from it as a wellspring of inspiration, technique, strength and flexibility, without risk of injury. It speaks to students of any background and/or physical ability or limitation.
10-11:30 am
  • Campus Tours
  • Critical Studies - Critical Karaoke: How do songs, paintings, films, dance and other artworks contribute to our understanding of the world? How do they fit into the fascinating jigsaw puzzle that is contemporary society? Through a performance of Critical Karaoke, Critical Studies faculty and grad students take turns at the mic to talk about an image, song, film, etc., that highlights their approach to teaching at CalArts. This seriously playful format serves as an introduction to the faculty, the various disciplines and critical practices they represent, and the way these converge in the wildly interdisciplinary experience Critical Studies offers for students across the visual and performing arts.
  • Learning to Scream: 
Experience effective group singing (without hurting yourself or others!).
  • On View: Selections from Special Collections and Institute Archive. 
The CalArts Library maintains a collection of special, rare and fragile items. Some notable items include manuscripts and ephemera from Jules Engels, James Tenney and Leigh R. Smith. The Institute Archive’s collections contain documents, photographs, publications, clippings, programs, sound files, video recordings, posters, and miscellaneous items documenting the history of CalArts. There are also a small number of documents, primarily publications, from the Chouinard Art Institute and the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music, the two institutions which merged in the late 1960s to form CalArts.
  • The Tempest by Shakespeare: A roundtable with faculty and students involved in the School of Theater’s production of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.
  • Techniques of the Monoprint
: Monoprinting is a type of printmaking that in many cases is closest in execution to drawing and painting. It is also one of the more spontaneous modes of printmaking, requiring very little specialized preparation in terms of equipment, techniques or chemistry. Alumnus Lewis Mauk will lead a hands-on investigation of the monoprint, using acrylic plates and waterbased drawing and painting materials.
  • 2012 Producers’ Animation Show: Screening of animated student films.

11:45 am-12:45 pm: A Conversation with Steven D. Lavine, President

Introduction by Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer Bianca Roberts

12:45-2 pm: Lunch is available for sale in the Café @ CalArts

2-3:15 pm: Campus Tours & Workshops

  • Alexander Technique
: The Alexander Technique is a method of self-discovery which explores the basic impulses of human movement and how we interfere with our own coordination.  It offers a means to change. An invaluable tool for actors and performers, the technique works on self-awareness in simple activities (sitting, standing and walking, for examples), to help discover and liberate us from habitual patterns of posture and reaction.
  • Ballet with Your Clothes On: 
This workshop is an introduction to the verbal and physical language of ballet technique. Participants will be immersed in the historical context and origins of ballet technique, learn basic terminology used in the technique, be exposed to musicality as it pertains to class exercises, as well as experience some aspects of the physical demands of the technique which is used to formulate the dancer. This workshop can be experienced on many different levels, from full physical engagement to a more subtle approach to the work.
  • Music Improvisation
: Connect with your own creative voice through structured and unstructured improvisation.
  • Saturday Gamelan: 
Parents and visitors are invited to come and watch CalArts’ weekly community Gamelan—dedicated to the performance of traditional Javanese music.
  • 2012 Producers’ Animation Show: Screening of animated student films.

3:30-5 pm: Life After CalArts

Through a moderated panel discussion, CalArts alumni share career advice and working wisdom.

5:30-7 pm: Dinner

Dinner can be purchased on campus from some of L.A.’s finest food trucks—an authentically urban experience

VIP Beverage Reception in the Wild Beast VIP Area

7 pm: Wild Beast Concert Series

Free outdoor concert at CalArts' Wild Beast Music Pavilion featuring The CalArts Orchestra playing works for both rock band and orchestra; the indie-rock trio Derde Verde, a trio of CalArts alumni who have been called “the closest thing Los Angeles has to its own Radiohead right now” (L.A. Record); and a set by the legendary, highly influential German group Faust.

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