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Critical Studies faculty member Maggie Nelson to be Eminent Writer in Residence at the University of Wyoming

August 22, 2012
Laramie Live

Maggie Nelson First UW Fall Semester Eminent Writer in Residence

Acclaimed nonfiction writer, poet and critic Maggie Nelson is the first Eminent Writer in Residence for the fall semester at the University of Wyoming.

During her weeklong residency, Nelson will consult closely with MFA Program in Creative Writing students, visit university classes and talk with students about the life of a writer.  Read story

CalArts cited among top ten MFA programs

August 21, 2012

Back to School Guide: The 10 MFA Programs That Give You the Most Bang For Your Buck

Enrolling in a Fine Art MFA program is a tough decision for any would-be artist, and it comes with multiple considerations. ARTINFO has examined the most popular guides out there, like U.S. News’s graduate school rankings, along with a plethora of online advice columns to try and tackle this subject in the most practical way possible. Everyone is familiar with the cachet of programs like Columbia and Yale, but we’ve singled out the following programs as our own personal favorites.  Read story

Below: Pick Up the Pieces at California Institute of the Arts, an exhibition/performance by student Liz Glynn

"Pick Up the Pieces" at California Institute of the Arts, an exhibition/performa

Alumni profile: Ariel Pink: In Praise of Guilty Genius

August 21, 2012

The visionary Los Angeles singer-songwriter has obsessively excavated the forgotten refuse of the past, recombining it into a secret history of pop, and inspiring an entire indie generation. Now he’s trying to settle down and go pro, but as DAVID BEVAN discovers, haunting memories of a family tragedy, the breakup of his first real love, and his own solitary temperament, have left him in perpetual limbo.  Read story

Alumni and band release new album

August 21, 2012
Los Angeles Times

Review: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Mature Themes

In rock 'n' roll history there have existed lines in the sand: Polarizing musical thresholds beyond which your average listener will not step. Bob Dylan’s baffling Self Portrait, for example, or Lil Wayne’s rock album Rebirth. Muddy Waters’ psych-blues masterpiece Electric Mud, the entire output of Northeast family weirdos the Shaggs. Captain Beefheart and/or Frank Zappa.

The work of 34-year-old Los Angeles singer, songwriter, bandleader and memory-bending artist Ariel Pink and his band Haunted Graffiti is one such line, as evidenced by some of the songs on his wonderfully baffling new album, Mature ThemesRead story

Interview: Alumna choreographer Kate Weare discovered her creative voice at CalArts

August 2012

My Post-College Life, with Kate Weare

Choreographer Kate Weare discovered her creative voice and a passion for collaboration as a student at California Institute of the Arts. Since graduating, she's created works on companies including Scottish Dance Theatre, Australia's Buzz Dance Theatre, CityDance Ensemble and NYC's Paradigm, and she founded the Kate Weare Company in 2005. In 2009, she was awarded a Princess Grace Award and in 2011, a Joyce Theater Foundation Fellowship. DanceU101 spoke to Weare about being a successful post-college choreographer. —Rachel Zar  Read story

Recent graduate Heidi Smith created original character illustration for animated film 'ParaNorman'

August 19, 2012
Los Angeles Times

ParaNorman costume designs no small effort

ParaNorman's off-kilter costumes demand a giant amount of artistry and precision — on a micro-scale.

HILLSBORO, Ore. — Movie buffs probably have some idea of what goes into designing a costume for film.

But what about when the star is a 9-inch-tall puppet named Norman?

As I learned a few months ago during a visit to the Laika Studios set of ParaNorman, the 3-D stop-motion animation film that opened Friday, it was all about sweating the small stuff.  Read story

Artist creates public sculpture for Alaska state crime lab and cites influence of studies at CalArts

August 18, 2012
Anchorage Daily News

Public art sculpture intended to reflect the purpose of new crime lab

Osman Akan first saw Alaska on a gloomy November day in 2010. The artist, born in sunny Turkey and now based in New York City, was flying back to America after attending a contemporary art fair in Europe. He'd scheduled a stop in Anchorage to evaluate making a proposal to create a statue for the new state crime lab as a Percent for Art project.  Read story

Interview with Alex Hirsch—alumnus creator of animated series 'Gravity Falls'

August 17, 2012
The New York Times

An Undercurrent of Darkness, Even at Disney

Hotshot tv animators used to knock on Disney Channel’s door very infrequently. For a generation of cartoonists raised on The Simpsons, Disney had a reputation as too worried about protecting its brand to have fun. The cool kids wanted to work elsewhere.  Read story

Alumnus Ariel Pink releases album

August 17, 2012
The New York Times

It’s Nearly Impossible to Stay Unknown

If you believe the myth, Ariel Pink is home a lot.

On a Monday morning in July, Ariel Pink was idly wandering through his house in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, speaking by phone and giving a virtual tour. In the room where he sleeps, he said, an eight-track recorder was stationed on a shelf; in the living room he described a haphazard stack of instruments, guitars on top of keyboards on top of amplifiers.  Read story

School of Art Dean Thomas Lawson discusses the future of Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art

August 16, 2012
Los Angeles Magazine

To Understand the Future of MoCA, Look at its Past

With the recent decision of the MoCA board of trustees to reverse itself and open a search for a chief curator, the museum’s identity crisis may have reached a temporary respite. But a more permanent resolution isn’t in the cards until a sustainable budget is achieved, and all interested parties, including a passionate public, can agree on what that budget means in terms of programming, collection development and support, and educational outreach. It’s past time to analyze, consider, and restate the museum’s mission.  Read story

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