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New York Times interviews alumnus director Tim Burton

September 19, 2012
The New York Times

Tim Burton, at Home in His Own Head

IT would be a tremendous disappointment if Tim Burton’s inner sanctum turned out to be a sterile environment, barren except for a telephone on its cold white floor; or a cubicle with a “World’s Greatest Dad” coffee mug. Instead, the workplace of the filmmaker behind invitingly grim delights like “Beetlejuice” and “Edward Scissorhands” is a definitive Burtonesque experience: on a hill here in north London, behind a brick wall and a mournful tree, in a Victorian residence that once belonged to the children’s book illustrator Arthur Rackham, it lies at the top of a winding staircase guarded by the imposing portraits of Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee. Its décor is best characterized as Modern Nonconformist (unless Ultraman toys and models of skeletal warriors are your thing), and when the master of the house greets you, his drinking glass will bear a poster image for “The Curse of Frankenstein.”  Read story

Alumna Catherine Opie launches new work in Socrates Sculpture Park's billboard series

September 19, 2012

LONG ISLAND CITY, NY.- Socrates Sculpture Park announced the presentation of Untitled (Stump Fire #4) by artist Catherine Opie. Opie’s image, 11’ x 28’, on view at Socrates Sculpture Park through March 31, 2013 and is the newest installment of the Park’s ongoing Broadway Billboard series.  Read story

Alumni directors John Lasseter, Brad Bird and Henry Selick cited in article on Tim Burton’s 'Frankenweenie.'

September 19, 2012
The List

Revisiting: Frankenweenie (1984) (4 stars)

Tim Burton’s original Frankenstein tribute is lovingly constructed, despite its troubled past.

It’s hard to know what Disney were thinking when they took on Tim Burton in 1979. Freshly graduated from CalArts (alongside future Pixar bods John Lasseter and Brad Bird, as well as The Nightmare Before Christmas director Henry Selick), Burton had already shown a flair for the macabre with his mad scientist cartoon Stalk of the Celery Monster. This was followed in 1982 by stop motion short Vincent, in which a young boy dreams of becoming a maniacal villain in the Vincent Price mould. So the studio shouldn’t really have been surprised when, two years later, Burton delivered the thirty-minute live action short FrankenweenieRead story

Film by CalArts graduate Tuni Chatterji featured in South Asian Film Festival

September 18, 2012
SF Weekly

What to See at this Year's South Asian Film Festival

... Another director who will attend the festival to talk about her movie is CalArts graduate Tuni Chatterji, who made Okul Nodi (Endless River) about the river music in Bangladesh. It plays with a 35mm short, I Am MicroRead story

Faculty member Maggie Neslon quoted in NY Times article: 'Shock Me If You Can'

September 14, 2012
The New York Times

THE morning of “The Rite of Spring” premiere, on May 29, 1913, at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris, Le Figaro predicted that ballet would deliver “a new thrill which will surely raise passionate discussion” and “leave all true artists with an unforgettable impression.” That turned out to be one of the greatest understatements of the new artistic century. The passionate discussion began during the first few bars of the music, as derisive laughter rose from the seats, and soon grew into an uproar that sent Stravinsky fleeing the hall in disgust.  Read story

Turmoil at MOCA inspires CalArts' online magazine, 'East of Borneo,' to focus on history of museums in L.A.

September 12, 2012
Architect Magazine

If drama is your thing, you should follow the history of museums and patronage in Los Angeles. The controversies include censorship, the 1975 financial collapse of the Pasadena Art Museum, and the present ongoing turmoil with the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles.  Read story

Visiting faculty member James Franco's class mentioned

September 12, 2012

Franco Teaching CalArts Course: Actor, artist, and part-time professor James Franco will guide eight students in the California Institute of the Arts's School of Film Video in a year-long graduate project to create a collaborative film version of D.J. Waldie's "Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir." "Each section will represent a diverse cinematic approach or modality aesthetically coalesced under the tutelage of James Franco," explains the course description.  See story

Alumna Carrie Mae Weems featured

September 12, 2012
The New York Times

Photographer and Subject Are One

WHEN Carrie Mae Weems was first teaching photography in the late 1980s at Hampshire College in Massachusetts, she was struck by the difference in how her male and female students presented themselves in pictures. “The women were always turning away from the camera, always in profile,” said Ms. Weems, demonstrating by obscuring her face seductively with her graceful hands. “They never squared themselves. The boys were squaring themselves.”  Read story

Actor, writer, artist James Franco teaches course in CalArts' School of Film/Video

September 11, 2012
Gallerist NY

This year James Franco, the actor, writer, artist and all-around renaissance man, will teach a course at one of the art world’s most respected and theory-oriented academies, the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts).  Read story

Cartoon Network greenlights Calartian's animated series

September 11, 2012
Animation World Network

Having scored its most-watched summer in its 20-year history across early primetime, Cartoon Network has greenlit two animated series conceived as part of the shorts development initiative underway at Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank, CA. Steven Universe, from Adventure Time writer and storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar, and Uncle Grandpa, from Emmy Award nominee Pete Browngardt, have started pre-production and are currently slated for a 2013 debut. Building upon the global success of recent artist-driven series like Adventure Time and Regular Show, both new series will further define the genre of homegrown animated comedies coming from Cartoon Network Studios.  Read story

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