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Writer D. J. Waldie responds to having his book used as a source in James Franco's class in School of Film/Video

October 26, 2012

Being Read by James Franco

The filmmaker James Franco has been writing about a book of mine that Franco's students at CalArts in Valencia will spend this semester and the next turning into an assemblage of short films. This is supposed to add up to something, rather like the book was supposed to.  Read story

Alumna director Brenda Chapman recalls being first woman to work in Disney story department

October 25, 2012

Director Of "Brave" Tells Her Own "Binders Full Of Women" Story

Before Brenda Chapman went on to direct "The Prince of Egypt" and "Brave," she was a CalArts grad looking for a job.

At that time, she came face-to-face with the executive at Disney Animation in 1987, who hired her with those magic words every woman wants to hear from a potential employer: "We need a woman. And you're the right price."  Read story

Diana Wyenn, REDCAT Marketing and Media Relations Manager, profiled

October 25, 2012
LA Stage Times

Yes, Some Alternative Theaters Offer Day Jobs

Many people think of LA’s edgier theaters as concentrating on the art, not on how to promote it or pay for it. But someone has to worry about the less glamorous managerial tasks at arts institutions of any size or aesthetic. At institutions heavily subsidized by other nonprofits, sometimes there is enough money to turn this work into paying day jobs.  Here are the stories of two individuals, Diana Wyenn and David Mack, who have day jobs in management at alternative theaters — and how they got there.  Read story

School of Film/Video graduate helms 'Pusher'

October 25, 2012
Los Angeles Times

Luis Prieto captures slice of drug scene in ‘Pusher’ remake

In director Luis Prieto’s experience, when you set out to shoot a druggy crime drama in London’s legendarily cocaine-fueled nightclub world, odds are you’re going to find yourself surrounded by more than a few people sniffing actual Bolivian marching powder — not just lines of prop coke for the camera’s sake.  Read story

Visiting faculty James Franco cites his class in update of recent activities

October 24, 2012
Huffington Post

The Search for the Real -- October

Dear R _______,

I am on a plane in L.A. about to take off for Jackson, Mississippi via Atlanta. I have been going back and forth between Jackson and L.A. on my days off for four weeks now in order to teach. I am teaching both undergraduate and graduate students in film, creative writing and
performance.  Read story

School of Film graduate Elizabeth Mims discusses collaboration with alumnus Jason Tippet

October 24, 2012

AFF 2012 Interview: Elizabeth Mims, 'Only the Young'

Stopping at Austin Film Festival on a festival circuit, Only the Young is a look at a relationship between three evangelical teens in suburban Southern California: two skaters who are best pals and their female friend (sometime girlfriend of one of the guys). Austinite Elizabeth Mims is one of the directors of this documentary, and answered a few questions I had before watching the film.  Read interview

CalArts students join Faust at REDCAT

October 22, 2012
Los Angeles Times

Review: Faust puts the art of noise to the test at REDCAT

The German 'krautrock' band transfixes a rapt audience with its art-damaged (literally) experimental grooves and an abundance of free-spirited, Dada-inspired non sequiturs.

From left: Geraldine Swayne, Amaury Cambuzat, and Zappi Diemaier of German group Faust, who performed two shows at REDCAT on Friday, Oct. 19. (Steven Gunther / October 19, 2012)

The sacrificial piano sat stage right during German band Faust's concert at REDCAT. It was a church basement clunker, a blond-wooded upright with broken-tooth keys and a chipped veneer.  Read story

CalArts' Center for Life and Work receives grant from Hearst Foundation

October 20, 2012

Hearst Foundations award $1.7 million

Twenty California nonprofits ranging from music and art organizations to programs helping youths have received $1.7 million in grants from the Hearst Foundations.  Read story

CalArts' Center for Integrated Media creates sound project on hiking trail

October 20, 2012
Los Angeles Times

Sound project on trail seeks to re-imagine the landscape

The artwork called Stroll uses audio devices erected along Santa Clarita's South Fork Trail to emit an eclectic mix of field recordings, electronic sounds, the spoken word and performed music.

Users of a peaceful and popular Santa Clarita trail will soon be exposed to a "sonic intervention" as a new project designed to encourage passersby to linger and listen gets underway.  Read story

Michael Asher, Titan of Conceptual Art and Teacher, Dies at 69

October 17, 2012
The New York Times

Michael Asher, a dean of the Conceptual Art movement, whose cerebral but playful work specialized in dismantling — often literally — the institutions that show art and that shape the way people think about it, died on Monday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 69.  Read story

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