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School of Film/Video faculty member creates cinematic essay on architect’s work


Thom Andersen’s Reconversão At Filmforum

March 9,2013
Cinema Without Boarders

By Robin Menken

On Sunday March 10th, Filmforum is proud to present Thom Andersen’s most recent work, Reconversão (Reconversion), an essay on the architecture of Eduardo Souto de Moura.  Thom Andersen will be present for a Q&A!
“… an elegiac quest into the essence of Eduardo Souto de Moura’s architecture.” — Celluloid Liberation Front

Reconversão portrays 17 buildings and projects by the Porto architect Eduardo Souto Moura, accompanied usually by his own writings. It is a search for his architecture, without critical commentary. Only the tour guide at Braga Stadium offers generalizations, which fit that work well enough, but it may be the exception, not the rule. Souto Moura has the last word: "If there is nothing there, I invent a preexistence."
Technically, Reconversão combines the crudeness of proto-cinema with the hyperrealism of digital cinema, bringing us back to the ideals of Dziga Vertov.Shooting only one or two frames per second and animating the images, in the manner of Muybridge, produces greater resolution, although not necessarily a greater sense of reality, and brings attention to the movements of water and vegetation that generally pass unnoticed.

Renowned filmmaker and teacher Thom Anderson teaches film theory and history at the California Institute of the Arts. In the 90's, he served as programmer for LA Filmforum. Read More.

Alumna's animated series to air on Disney Channel

March 7, 2013
Animation Magazine

Disney Greenlights Daron Nefcy's Teenage Princess Series

By Thomas J. McLean

Disney has ordered a new animated series tentatively called Star and the Forces of Evil, created by Daron Nefcy and with Eden Sher of the sitcom The Middle on board to voice the lead, reports Deadline.com.

The series is a comedy-adventure series about the other-dimensional magical teen princess Star Butterfly, who is sent by her parents to live on Earth with the Diaz family, whose son she takes under her wings to stop evil villains and protect her magic wand.

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Speakers discuss contemporary performace through the TEDx conference at REDCAT

March 7, 2013

TEDx Meets CalArts at REDCAT

The ideas behind performance will be discussed at this day-long conference

By Alysia Gray Painter

TEDx, those bringing-people-and-ideas-together conferences that bubble up hither and thither (and every place between the two), is all about embracing the gamut.

Notions of every sort pop up in TEDx talks, but there's one constant -- a person sharing those notions. Meaning that there's an element of live theater and performance to every single TEDx event.

Some might call it meta, then, that TEDx will be taking on performance and the live arts -- or "liveness," if you prefer -- during a day-long conference on Saturday, March 9 at REDCAT downtown.

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Filmmaker James Mangold discusses key advice given from Alexander Mackendrick

March 7, 2013
Making the Movie

What did Alexander Mackendrick recommend every director do before shooting a scene?

By J. Ott

Walk it.

Director James Mangold was a pupil of the legendary filmmaker Alexander "Sandy" Mackendrick (The Ladykillers, Sweet Smell of Success) at CalArts. In a bonus feature on the Criterion disc for Sweet Smell of Success, Mangold talks about a key piece of advice that Mackendrick once gave him:

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Bebe Miller Dance Company at REDCAT-- one of the best of the upcoming dance season

March 8, 2013
Los Angeles Times

Trisha Brown Dance Company among highlights this season

The company will perform a retrospective project. Also on L.A.'s spring dance card: Bebe Miller Dance Company, Ballet BC and more.

By Laura Bleiberg

This spring, some postmodern dance heavy hitters come to town, with new works and tantalizing revivals. The weeklong Trisha Brown engagement is especially significant for its selection of historic outdoor works. It's a farewell of sorts — this trailblazer of the Judson Dance Theater movement of 50 years ago announced recently that she will not be creating any new pieces. For ballet lovers, the season's pickings are slimmer, though Ballet BC will show off its new look, instigated by artistic director Emily Molnar, and Los Angeles Ballet will devote two different programs to masterworks by George Balanchine.

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Alumnus profiled on occasion of survey exhibition

March 8, 2013
Huffington Post

Photographer James Welling: From Sonic Youth Album Covers to Philip Johnson's Glass House

By Steven Rosen

At The Cincinnati Art Museum's current extensive survey of photographer James Welling's work, which is on display through May 5, you might wonder what you're looking at... or why you're looking.

Not all his subjects are recognizably photogenic or traditionally "pretty," such as sunsets on the beach, wilderness vistas, colorful flowers, cityscapes and the like. It is not that he rejects such straightforwardly cheerful photography -- he has done some soothing color work documenting farm landscapes -- but rather, he believes it's important to not be a prisoner of viewer expectations.

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Video: CalArts Community Arts Partnership (CAP) Featured

March 7, 2013
The Santa Clarita Valley Signal

Studio Santa Clarita: CalArts Students bring the Arts to SCV Schools; We Visit Local Wine Crusher

Video by Vince Johnson & Randy Morton

Click here to view the video.

Interview with School of Theater alumnus Derek Magyar

March 6, 2013
Press Pass LA


By Jennifer Buonantony

Some people can act, some people can write, some people can direct, but a rare few can transition seamlessly between these art forms. One exception to this rule is mult-talented artist Derek Magyar who made his mark as an actor and is now producing and directing both theater and film. But his biggest achievement, perhaps, is giving back to the community of artists in Los Angeles through his involvement as a CalArts alumni and his latest project AuditionLoft.com.

Magyar realized his passion for acting at a young age, influenced by his filmmaker father and his mother, the head of an artist colony. You may recognize him from his breakout role as "X" in Boy Culture which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, or from his film roles in projects including Train opposite Thora Birch and Fencewalkers directed by Chris Carter. Or perhaps you are a fan of his role as Commader Kelby on Star Trek or his appearances on popular shows including Criminal Minds, Boston Legal, and CSI.

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CalArts ranked Number One for Animation

February 28, 2013
Animation Career Review

2013 Top 100 US Schools for Animation and Game Design

By ACR Staff

We started publishing regional and national lists in 2012 in response to myriad emails from aspiring animators and game designers asking us what the best schools were in the US, a given State, or in a particular area of the country. In preparing this year’s list, we considered over 400 schools in the US that offered programs geared towards animation or game design. In the end, our goal is to give students access to ample information so they can make an informed decision about the school they choose to attend and the program they pursue.

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School of Dance Dean Stephan Koplowitz discusses reasons for MFAs in dance

March 5, 2013
Dance Informa

Graduate Dance Study – FAQ

By Emily Yewell Volin

Have you ever considered earning a graduate degree in dance and wondered exactly what earning that degree would entail? Is there a specific job you are interested in that requires a graduate degree in dance? Dance Informa spoke with faculty from the graduate dance programs at California State University – Long Beach, The University of Arizona, New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and California Institute of the Arts to hear their insights about pursuing a graduate degree in dance.

Why pursue a graduate degree in dance?  Read More

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