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School of Dance Dean Leads Outdoor Dancing at UWM's Summerdances

June 12, 2013
Third Coast Daily

By Tom Strini

UWM Summerdances: Dancing outdoors with Stephan Koplowitz

Stephan Koplowitz looked east, to Lake Michigan, south to a splashing fountain and north to the grand North Avenue Water Tower (and before it, Tuesday evening, to the Bel Canto Chorus in front of the tower). A few sprinkles of a just-passed thunderstorm fell, though the sky above was blue.

Water, water everywhere, and it clearly charmed the Los Angeles choreographer. He had never visited Milwaukee before starting work on the capstone dance project of UWM’s nearly-over Year of the Arts. Koplowitz, the dean of dance at Cal Arts, made two site-specific pieces for UWM dance students, one to perform at the Water Tower at the east end of North Avenue and the other at the Cudahy Gardens of the Milwaukee Art Museum. Water figures prominently in Dan Kiley’s design for the garden – a stream/fountain runs straight as a string for 600 feet to bisect the gardens, which separate Lincoln Memorial Drive from the lakefront museum. Read more.

Calarts' Center for New Performance presents "Prometheus Bound" in conjunction with Trans Arts and the Getty

June 12, 2013
Los Angeles Times

By Mike Boehm


Getty Villa to sport a giant steel wheel for 'Prometheus Bound'


The Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades boasts a magnificent collection of ancient art in a replica of a Roman Villa, but this summer the biggest sculpture on display will be a creation from 2013: a 23-foot-tall, five-ton steel wheel that will be the centerpiece of an avant-garde production of the ancient drama “Prometheus Bound.”

The play, believed to have had its premiere around 450 B.C., depicts the suffering of the titan Prometheus, who’s been chained by the vengeful gods to a remote mountain. His transgression: teaching humanity the use of fire and other civilizing skills that had been the exclusive property of the gods themselves.
The wheel represents the mountain. Prometheus, played by Ron Cephus Jones in the production that begins previews Aug. 29, will spend the bulk of the evening strapped to it, on a smaller wheel that traverses the gigantic one like a hand on a clock or a gondola on a Ferris wheel.

Fortunately for the actor, he won’t be turned upside down, and he’ll have company from other performers who’ll clamber onto the wheel.
Vinny Golia, a noted L.A. jazz musician, will add live instrumentals, performing original music he composed with Ellen Reid.

The setpiece was conceived by director Travis Preston and scenic designer Efren Delgadillo Jr. for the production, which is being presented by the California Institute for the Arts’ Center for New Performance in conjunction with Trans Arts and the Getty Museum. The script is poet Joel Agee’s new translation of the ancient Greek text, which is commonly attributed to Aeschylus, although that’s a matter of scholarly dispute. Read More

Site specific piece for UWM Summerdance conceived and choreographed by School of Dance Dean Stephan Koplowitz

June 11, 2013
Express Milwaukee

Dancing on Site

UWM Summerdances transfigures two Milwaukee landmarks

At nightfall on June 13, 14 and 15, 14 dancers will perform at the base of the beautiful North Point Water Tower while digital projections animate the white stone monument's upper half and 25 voices from Bel Canto Chorus sing a wordless accompaniment written and conducted by Music Director Richard Hynson. You'll watch, free of charge, from the edge of North Avenue where it carves a small island around this historic landmark.

On the afternoons of June 14 and 15, twice as many dancers will transfigure the fountain-lined Cudahy Gardens of the Milwaukee Art Museum. Tim Russell, Milwaukee's outstanding composer for modern dance, will premiere an original score. You'll watch, free of charge, first from the sidewalk facing east with the Calatrava as the background, then from the walk bridge that connects the building with O'Donnell Park and Wisconsin Avenue, looking south onto the terraced gardens, the nearby traffic, the lake and the far horizon.

Named for the man who conceived and choreographed both works, these entirely distinct site-specific performances share the title "Stephan Koplowitz: Water Sight, Milwaukee." They represent the UW-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts Dance Department's radical rethinking of its annual "Summerdances," the recital with student dancers that caps each school year. UWM's School of Freshwater Sciences is a project partner. Water is the theme. Read More

Alumna Brenda Chapman discusses book based on CalArts' film and more

June 11, 2013
Animation Magazine

An Interview From Abroad with Brenda Chapman

Academy Award winning writer and director Brenda Chapman recently gave a masterclass at the Verdens Beste Children’s Film Festival in Tromso, Norway, meeting professionals from the Norwegian and European animation industry.

“I appreciate the European animation and the culture around it. It’s different than the studio system in the United States,” she says. “I think, in the U.S., we can learn from the European system’s diversity.”

We caught up with her for a quick Q & A session. Read More

Review of alumnus "Pictures Generation" artist Jack Goldstein

June 10, 2013
Wall Street Journal

By Richard B. Woodward

An '80s Casualty Gets His Due

'Jack," one of six short 16mm films playing on a loop near the entrance to "Jack Goldstein x 10,000" at the Jewish Museum, is a good place to try to get a handle on this elusive, passive-aggressive artist.

A performance piece from 1973, it's a simple two-person interactive drama: A young man stands in a desert landscape and calls out the name "Jack," at which point the filmmaker takes a shaky step backward. Similar to other minimalist time-and-space dissections, this one also has a forlorn, autobiographic undertone. With each step of the procedure, repeated over the 11 minutes, 24 seconds of the film, the man grows tinier, his voice fainter until he is so distant from the camera and us as to be an inaudible speck in the twilight.

If Goldstein feared that his name would be forgotten after his death—and his art is riddled with anxieties about the Void—he shouldn't have. Since his 2003 suicide in a San Bernardino, Calif., trailer park after years of heroin addiction, his peculiar and sometimes poignant art is more visible and honored than when he was alive. Read More

CalArts called "the epicenter of LA’s creative class."

June 1, 2013
US Airways Magazine

Creative Force

Miles Clements

The renowned California Institute of the Arts fosters generations of imagineers.

Once you know where to look, you see it everywhere: from the grand museums of the Miracle Mile to the shoestring performance spaces of Echo Park.

“It’s hard to imagine the LA art scene today without CalArts,” the Los Angeles Times says. It’s the epicenter of LA’s creative class. Among its notable alumni are actor Don Cheadle, famed photographer Catherine Opie, fi lmmaker Tim Burton, and countless others. It’s hard to walk into a gallery or watch a major motion picture without being witness to the school’s enduring influence.

Read more. 
Go to page 92.

Alissa Walker discusses student loans at CalArts' Design Exhibition

The Future’s So Bright? Talking Debt with CalArts Design Grads

Alissa Walker

June 4, 2013

Ah, graduation season. The sense of accomplishment. The thrill of independence. The pomp. The circumstance. And the sobering fact that American college students are leaving school this year with, on average, $35,200 in student loans to repay.

That kind of debt can dim the optimism of any bright-eyed graduate. But what about when you’re expected to be creative for a living? A few weeks ago I headed up to the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia for their graphic design school’s graduation shows—Amaze, featuring graduating BFAs and Inbox, featuring graduating MFAs—to talk to the former students about this new reality and how it will impact their careers.

Read more.

Video: Student Eusong Lee's Student Academy Award Winning Short Film "Will"

June 9, 2013
Cartoon Brew

By Chris McDonnell

Artist of the Day: Eusong Lee

Eusong Lee is a graduate of CalArts. Last night, he picked up the silver medal at the Student Academy Awards for his short film Will. Read More.

Calarts Student wins Student Academy Award

June 9, 2013
Huffington Post

Student Academy Awards: Future Filmmakers Honored -- See The List Of Winners

The world's future filmmakers got a preview of the kind of Hollywood glamour and glory that could be theirs someday as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presented its 40th annual Student Academy Awards.

Sixteen college students from around the globe were honored at the Saturday night ceremony, held at the academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills and hosted by onetime Student Academy Award winner Bob Saget. Presenters included writer-director Kimberly Peirce and actors Clark Gregg, Jason Schwartzman and Quvenzhane (kwuh-VEHN'-juh-nay) Wallis.

This year's student honors included two each from the University of Southern California, Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida and the School of Visual Arts in New York. Read More

Calarts Student Eusong Lee Selected to receive Student Oscar

June 8, 2013
LA Times

By Dana Ferguson

Young filmmakers excitedly gather for Student Oscars

On Tuesday, Wouter Bouvijn left his home in Belgium for his dream trip to Hollywood.

Wednesday morning, the 25-year-old filmmaker from Deinze, a small municipality in East Flanders, sat in the lobby of the JW Marriott in Los Angeles, jet-lagged but eager, preparing for his weekend of events leading up to the Student Academy Award ceremony on Saturday.

"I'm so excited to see what the students here are doing," Bouvijn said. "It makes me wonder what my work could be like if I had gone to school in the U.S."
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences established the Student Academy Awards in 1972 to "support and encourage excellence in filmmaking at the collegiate level." This year the academy selected 13 applicants from universities in the United States (including Eusong Lee of California Institute of the Arts in Valencia and David Aristizabal and Jonathan Langager of USC) and three from international universities to receive its awards in Hollywood.

The 16 winners were flown to Los Angeles, put up in the JW Marriott and invited to attend meetings with directors, producers and screenwriters in Hollywood prior to the presentation of gold, silver and bronze medals in five categories (narrative, documentary, animation, alternative and foreign film) at a formal ceremony at the academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. Read More

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