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Prometheus Bound Review in LA Times

September 6, 2013
LA Times

Review: 'Prometheus Bound' is a graceful revival at Getty Villa

By Charles McNulty

'Prometheus Bound,' directed by Travis Preston and starring Ron Cephas Jones, makes Aeschylus play feel new at Getty Villa.

Prometheus has long been a symbol of the rebel hero, a revolutionary challenging an oppressive order. Dubbed "the patron saint of the proletariat," he is a god who sided with mankind against the immortals, bestowing on them enlightenment and the great gift of fire, crimes for which he is punished by Zeus, the universe's reigning tyrant at the time of the myth.

In Travis Preston's gracefully lucid staging of Aeschylus' "Prometheus Bound" at the Getty Villa's outdoor Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman Theater, Prometheus is carted out on a wagon that, were he not a deathless god, might be mistaken for a bier. As played by Ron Cephas Jones, this champion of humanity, already limp with pain before being enchained to a giant 5-ton wheel, brings to mind images of Jesus at the crucifixion. Read More

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