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Prometheus Bound in LA Stage Times

September 5, 2013
LA Stage Times

Preston’s Prometheus Bound Brings Poetic Revolution to Getty Villa

By Deborah Behrens

How do you breathe life into one of the world’s oldest dramas when the titular protagonist is chained to a mountaintop ranting against the gods for the show’s entirety?

If you’re Travis Preston, dean of the CalArts School of Theater and artistic director of the CalArts Center for New Performance, and tasked with staging Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound for the J. Paul Getty Museum’s annual outdoor production, opening tonight at the Getty Villa, the answer is simple. Fabricate a 23-foot tall steel wheel.

“It was certainly in my mind to do something that would be singular,” admits Preston while standing in front of the impressive metal structure during an early August media day at the Villa. “The first challenge was Prometheus is meant to be chained to a mountaintop rock. My first idea was to put the audience here [pointing to the ground in front of the wheel] and to work on the stairs where the audience would normally be seated.  For a variety of reasons, that was impossible.” Read More

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