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Prometheus Bound in The Hollywood Reporter

September 4, 2013
Hollywood Reporter

Prometheus Bound: Theater Review

By Myron Meisel

The Getty Villa in Malibu mounts a production of the ancient story of the Titan tortured by Zeus.

There is little more ancient in the history of the theater than this recounting of the agonies of Prometheus, the Titan tortured by king-god Zeus for contravening his will and saving us mortals with the gifts of fire and knowledge. Yet in this searing production at the Getty Villa in Malibu, the experience could not be more compellingly contemporary in its emotions and themes. Who cannot relate to the pain of existential abandonment, of anger at arbitrary authority, of pity for suffering caused by sacrifice? Cursed by foresight, Prometheus had aligned himself with the gods against Father Kronos when he realized that his fellow Titans arrogantly assumed their brute strength would perforce vanquish Zeus’ superior guile, only to be punished by his former ally for presuming to rescue the humanity Zeus had sought to destroy. Read More. 

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