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First Russian exhibition for former faculty John Baldessari

September 27, 2013
Art Daily

John Baldessari's most recent completed series of paintings on view at Garage in Moscow

MOSCOW.- The first exhibition of John Baldessari’s work in Russia, 1+1=1, presents the artist’s most recent completed series of paintings that offer a playful ‘double take’ on the canon of art history and continue his longstanding investigation into the tensions between text and image in art. Produced in 2011 and 2012, the works were created in four interconnected parts—Double Vision, Double Feature, Double Bill (Part 1 and 2) and Double Play. The exhibition at Garage is the first time a selection from all the Double series are seen together.

I think the idea of doubling for me issues from asking whether two things that look alike are really the same or if they’re different. It’s a mindset; some people think that one thing looks like another and others don’t. I like that sort of conflict. I play with it a lot. --- John Baldessari, July 2013

Working from traditional art history textbooks, Baldessari has selected masterpieces from the 18th to the 20th century by artists, including Chardin, de Chirico, Courbet, David, Duchamp, Gaugin, Hockney, Magritte, Malevich, Manet, Matisse and Warhol. In each instance, he gives the works a new lease of life by choosing a fragment and interpreting it as a complete image in its own right before ‘doubling’ or pairing it with a text that appears as a title. For example, works in Double Vision pair one artist’s name with a fragment of work from another well-known artist; Double Feature combines a fragment of an Old Master painting with a title from film noir; Double Bill juxtaposes images culled from two works, with one of the artists named below and the other not; and Double Play couples an image with a title from a song. Read More

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