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The Storied Life of Roy E. Disney

September 25, 2013
Staten Island Live

by Chuck Schmidt

New book paints a loving portrait of the life and times of Roy E. Disney

David A. Bossert, a graduate of the prestigious CalArts Institute, a respected animator and producer/creative director of Walt Disney Animation Studios Special Projects, paints a beautiful, loving portrait of the life and times of Roy E. Disney — only on this work, he uses words and photographs, not oils — in his new book, "Remembering Roy E. Disney: Memories and Photos of a Storied Life" (Disney Editions, $22.99).

Although loved and revered by Disney fans worldwide, it wasn’t until his death in 2009 that a broader audience became aware of just how important and influential Roy E. Disney was to the company his father and uncle founded in the 1920s.

Much like the sport of sailing he loved so much, Roy E. Disney steered the Disney Company’s fortunes on more than one occasion, helping to navigate often perilous waters, while setting a clear course to help insure the company’s continued growth and stability. Read more.

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