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Walt Disney Hall's REDCAT features eclectic programming

September 20, 2013
LA Times

By Charles McNulty

Walt Disney Concert Hall's REDCAT electrifies, yet more can be done

Critic's Notebook: Though Disney Hall's REDCAT continues to be innovative and eclectic, its theater programming could be more robust.The real estate mania that brought the financial system to the brink of collapse has also had a deleterious effect on the arts. Too many refurbished show palaces and money pit museums have found themselves at the mercy of their mortgages.

When overhead costs soar in unpredictable economic times, adventurous programming is the first thing to suffer. A rising commercialism is the price we pay as a cultural community for fancier digs.

But for every rule propounded by a furrowed-brow critic there is a thrilling exception. Walt Disney Concert Hall has had a transformative effect on an art form, a neighborhood and a city's self-esteem. Here the innovative brilliance of Frank Gehry's design has been matched by the creative ingenuity of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Read More

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