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Loud City Song: alumna Julia Holter's breakthrough third release

Julia Holter has no interest in drawing distinctions

by Alexander Varty

September 11, 2013

Julia Holter dosen't make things easy, for the listener or the interviewer. On Loud City Song, her breakthrough third release, the 28-year-old singer and keyboardist spins a web of complex tunes linked by a covert creative agenda, then buries her poetic lyrics and evocative singing beneath a torrent of lush and often electronically modified instrumental textures. And in conversation she’s elusive, often breaking off mid-thought or refusing to follow the usual lines of examination.

But we’re not complaining. Rather than making Loud City Song hard to follow, Holter’s complexity is more an invitation to spend serious time with what is one of the most fascinating—and loveliest—releases of the year. And her discursive manner on the phone might just be the result of her restless mind, coupled with her lack of interest in orthodox modes of thought.

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