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CalArts students participate in panel on Pokemon at Hammer Museum

October 28, 2013
Daily Bruin

By Regina Napolitano

Hammer Museum hosts Pokemon panel

It may look like the group of 30 people sitting in UCLA Hammer Museum’s Lindbrook Terrace staring intently at the Nintendo 3DSes in their laps are twiddling their thumbs, but each of them is battling foreign species, trading animals or exploring the new world of “Pokemon X and Y.”

These 30 gamers participated at the “Pokemon at the Hammer” panel discussion and event last Saturday afternoon to celebrate the release of “Pokemon X and Y,” battle each other and share their love of Pokemon. “Pokemon X and Y” is the most recent iteration of the Pokemon game series and was released worldwide two weeks ago.

The Pokemon panel was broadcasted live on the radio as part of the KCHUNG radio residency at the Hammer Museum. The two hosts of the KCHUNG radio show “Outbreak: Comics and More,” Brent Freaney and John Martin aka “Johnnie JungleGuts”, led the panel. Read More

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