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"Meteoric rise" of CalArts Alumna, Cecily Strong, to the SNL Coanchor Throne

November 8, 2013
ABC 40

by Bruce Fretts

Meet Saturday Night Live's New "Weekend Update" Anchor Cecily Strong

When Cecily Strong sat in Saturday Night Live‘s “Weekend Update” anchor chair for the first time this fall, she had only one goal in mind: Don’t cry. “I’m a crybaby, so I express every emotion with tears,” says the Springfield, Illinois, native. “But they would’ve been happy tears — I would’ve been bawling because I was so excited.”

You can’t blame her for being psyched. In only her second season on SNL, she’s been promoted from lowly featured player to heir to the throne coanchor Seth Meyers will vacate when he leaves to host NBC’s Late Night early next year. “Cecily’s had a meteoric rise, as opposed to my molasses-like one,” quips Meyers.

It’s almost literally a dream come true for Strong, who has worshipped SNL for as long as she can remember. “I’ve always been a night owl, so I think I started watching it when I was 5,” she recalls. “I’d trick babysitters, like, ‘My parents let me watch this!’” Read more.

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