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REDCAT hosts pioneering American experimentalist Bruce Baillie

November 3, 2013
Arts Meme

by Robert Koehler

Koehler Clips: An Impossible Choice

Like a few of the world’s other major movie-going cities, Los Angeles often presents impossible choices for the exploring cinephile. And tonight, Sunday, provides a doozy.

Where to go? To Westwood, to the Billy Wilder Theater, where UCLA Film & Television Archive continues its remarkable “A Century of Chinese Cinema” survey with two exceptionally rare early 1950s, post-Revolutionary films (in 35mm) at 7pm?

Or downtown, to REDCAT, where Los Angeles Filmforum has invited the pioneering American experimentalist Bruce Baillie to present (in person) an array of his 1960s classics, including the premiere of a previously unreleased work, also at 7 pm? Read more.

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