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Interview with CalArts Alumna, Julia Holter, on her Latest Album, Mystery and Gigi

November 15, 2013
Irish Times

by Siobhán Kane

Julia Holter – “A sense of mystery is very important to me, in all my things

Julia Holter’s work is like something you dreamt of once, with snatches of classical composition, speckles of electronic music and quixotic vocals. Her three records, Tragedy (2011), Ekstasis (2012) and this year’s Loud City Song, burst with a sense of epic living and dreaming, with each record a kind of musical exploration of love. Classically trained, Holter left CalArts a confident musician, a multi-instrumentalist with a vision, an unusual, nuanced voice in a noisy, cluttered world.

Much of Loud City Song is about that noise and clutter, and how in this period, less interesting information – advertising and gossip, for example – are presented in louder terms.

“You mean that superficial things are louder than important things? Yeah. I agree that a lot of things are loud these days. I guess people were probably saying the same thing during the industrial revolution. We have to adjust to the noise of our time. I love the city and its noise, but the noise these days isn’t even always audible – it’s just loud in a metaphorical way. There’s advertising everywhere because we are always on our phones and looking at the internet and seeing ads all over the place, even if they are technically silent.” Read more.

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