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Google Glass gadget provides a "radically different perspective" in the fields of Film and Journalism

November 11, 2013
International Digital Times

by Melanie Ehrenkranz

Google Glass Release Date: How Are College Students Experimenting With The Wearable Technology?

"Ok, Glass, go to class." Google announced in July that five film schools would receive Google Glass eyewear for the fall semester. The selected colleges include American Film Institute, California Institute of the Arts, Rhode Island School of Design, University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Southern California. The participating colleges were granted three pairs of the wearable computing devices and have since taken advantage of the futuristic gadget. Months have passed, and the Google Glass release date looms on the horizon (or perhaps on the San Francisco Bay). How have college students been experimenting with Glass?

Google Glass trials are underway, with students exploring the inventive and endless possibilities the wearable tech has to offer. One college in particular, RISD, has been testing out the eyewear for the past few months. RISD Associate Professor of Film, Animation and Video Daniel Peltz wrote in an email to The Herald that students are using Google Glasses in "collective experiments" and video classes.

"It's important that there be spaces where open-ended, non-commercial research overlaps with commercial product research and development," Peltz added in reference to the use of Google Glass in an academic environment. Read more.

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