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CalArts Faculty, Anne Militello, and students featured in Lighting and Sound America

November 11, 2013
Lighting and Sound America

PL Series LED luminaires Inspire Students at CalArts to Create Unique Lighting Designs

With a curriculum that strives to use the latest systems and technology in numerous productions, students in the Cal Arts lighting design program refine their design skills led by theatre and architectural lighting designer Anne Militello, who recently worked with Forman & Associates to bring in a new a stockpile of PL Series LED lighting tools from Philips Entertainment, which included PLProfile1, PLCyc1, PL3 Wash, and PLProfile4 LED luminaires.

"It all began when we brought Forman & Associates in to speak about LED luminaires for the theatre," Militello says. "They then called me back a few weeks later with a proposition from Philips Entertainment that would allow us to get the PL Series LED luminaires into the hands of our students, and we were very eager to accept. We don't own any LED fixtures and so we could sometimes rent a few, but at those times, the student designers would essentially use them for color fills as opposed to their main theatrical fixtures."

"This was my first time to use LED fixtures, and before this, I didn't really like LED because I thought the color was sort of fake and the color temperatures were never quite right," says Cal Arts senior Seth Chang. "I was a little worried about how they would actually perform for us, so when we first got the lights, I spent two afternoons in the theatre playing around with them. I have to say, the colors they can create are truly amazing. They can literally provide any color you want, plus because they are RGBW, I was able to not only adjust the color, but I could also adjust the color temperature if needed, which to me is absolutely fantastic." Read more.

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