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CalArts Gradute Students Initiate "Feminism Today" at L.A. City College

How Can Feminism Transform the Future?

Janet Owen Driggs

May 29, 2013
KCET ArtBound

The day before L.A.'s run-off election, the Da Vinci Gallery at L.A. City College (LACC) hosted "Feminism Today," a conversation initiated by three CalArts graduate students, made possible by the LACC undergraduates who run the art space, and led by multi-disciplinary artist Faith Wilding.

Rooted in the history of Feminism, and using Feminist tools for deep talking and listening, the conversation articulated many questions. Among them: What will bring about solidarity and change? What do we need to unlearn? What do you do with political disappointment?"

The timing was coincidental, and Wendy Greuel went unmentioned, but the conversation nonetheless put the local election into historic and ideological context. For while Feminism made Greuel's mayoral bid possible, Faith Wilding's "political disappointment" had little to do with electoral failure; her "political" rejects tinkering in favor of transformation.

The radical transformation that seemed to be "just around the corner" in 1972, when Faith and her cohort in the newly established CalArts Feminist Art Program made Womanhouse in Hollywood, has failed to materialize. Undeniable gains have been made, but the structural oppressions of patriarchy remain in place. And perhaps -- given that the number of American women in prison is now increasing at nearly double the rate of men -- they are grown stronger.

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