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Alumna Kate Weare Discusses the Current State of Dance

Coasts Converse on Contemporary Dance

Irene Hsiao

May 28 2013
SF Weekly

The ODC Walking Distance Dance Festival brings together contemporary dance companies from across the nation in three programs spread over two days at the ODC Dance Commons and the ODC Theater. New York-based choreographers Kate Weare and Brian Brooks and San Francisco's Rachael Lincoln meditate on the state of contemporary dance on their respective coasts.

How do you define contemporary dance?

Kate Weare: I think contemporary dance tends to emphasize a very individual vision. My work is trying to hook into the psychological undercurrents of our current moment. It's in relation to the human world, bearing witness to it, but, unlike pop culture, which operates as a sheer reflection of it, contemporary dance is also commenting on it, attempting to make an analysis of it. Pop culture attracts audiences with visceral, feeling, sense-oriented pleasure. This doesn't mean that one is more important than the other, it's just a different way of approaching the present, its concerns, and our relationship to it.

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