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Alumnus Don Cheadle plays superhero in Iron Man 3

May 2, 2013
Toro Magazine


by Jesse Skinner

For anyone feeling burnt out by the increasingly self-referential Marvel superhero movies of the past few years, Iron Man 3 will come as a surprise: a stand-alone story that feels a part of the ongoing “Avengers” plot in spirit but requires no extensive knowledge of the Marvel universe and only passing familiarity with the rest of the series. As directed by series newcomer Shane Black (known for writing Lethal Weapon and Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr.’s cult favourite Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), it’s arguably the strongest Iron Man yet.

It also features another standout performance from Don Cheadle as Col. James Rhodes / War Machine (rechristened “The Iron Patriot” in this film by his government handlers), a superhero whose sense of loyalty and cooperative nature put him at odds with the more independent, self-obsessed Tony Stark / Iron Man. We joined a recent press junket for the movie to find out what fans can expect from Rhodes and the movie as a whole.

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