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School of Film/Video faculty member creates cinematic essay on architect’s work


Thom Andersen’s Reconversão At Filmforum

March 9,2013
Cinema Without Boarders

By Robin Menken

On Sunday March 10th, Filmforum is proud to present Thom Andersen’s most recent work, Reconversão (Reconversion), an essay on the architecture of Eduardo Souto de Moura.  Thom Andersen will be present for a Q&A!
“… an elegiac quest into the essence of Eduardo Souto de Moura’s architecture.” — Celluloid Liberation Front

Reconversão portrays 17 buildings and projects by the Porto architect Eduardo Souto Moura, accompanied usually by his own writings. It is a search for his architecture, without critical commentary. Only the tour guide at Braga Stadium offers generalizations, which fit that work well enough, but it may be the exception, not the rule. Souto Moura has the last word: "If there is nothing there, I invent a preexistence."
Technically, Reconversão combines the crudeness of proto-cinema with the hyperrealism of digital cinema, bringing us back to the ideals of Dziga Vertov.Shooting only one or two frames per second and animating the images, in the manner of Muybridge, produces greater resolution, although not necessarily a greater sense of reality, and brings attention to the movements of water and vegetation that generally pass unnoticed.

Renowned filmmaker and teacher Thom Anderson teaches film theory and history at the California Institute of the Arts. In the 90's, he served as programmer for LA Filmforum. Read More.

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