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Disney green lights new series Star and the Forces of Evil created by alumna Daron Nefcy


The Middle’s Eden Sher Joins Disney’s Star And The Forces Of Evil as New Princess

March 9, 2013

By Brody Gibson

Somebody higher up at Disney must have taken a look at the success of Disney Junior’s Sofia the First and thought “We should try and replicate that, but this time target it toward an older audience.” More princess cartoons means more merchandise to buy at your local Disney store! While the motivation for wanting a new animated series is obvious, it’s a little out of the ordinary which series they recently greenlit. Star and the Forces of Evil (working title) came from the mind of young artist and writer Daron Nefcy. Usually big companies like Disney look for their next big series from more experienced writers.

Star and the Forces of Evil has a terrific concept, which explains why Disney would so readily grab at it from a youngster like Nefcy. It’s already got a voice-actor attached to play the lead of Princess Star Butterfly: The Middle’s Eden Sher. Deadline reported the series as being a comedy adventure about Star, the fun-loving magical teen princess from another dimension. Sounds pretty badass, yeah? After getting into a fight with some otherworldly creatures, her royal parents send her off to live with the Diaz family of Earth. Is it just me, or does this suddenly sound like a twisted version of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? She inevitably takes their teenaged son Marco on adventures, battling evil villains in the universe and high school to protect Star’s powerful magic wand, which she hasn’t quite figured out how to use properly. Read More.

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