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Video: School of Music faculty member perfroms with butoh master in NOTAWAY: Quest For Freedom

March 5, 2013
Los Angeles Magazine

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Under the Bottle Tree

The latest collaboration between trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith and choreographer Oguri

By Matthew Duersten

A Japanese butoh master and a free-jazz trumpeter seem like an incongruous fit, but the dark and turgid "freedom music" of trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith and Oguri's strenuous dances of confusion and deliverance both tackle fundamental human emotions in unapologetically abstract terms. Their latest collaboration NOTAWAY: Quest For Freedom, a loose reimagining of the river journey taken by Mark Twain's Huck Finn and escaped slave Jim -- part of a three-night stand at Venice's groovy-crunchy Electric Lodge last weekend -- brought this to an almost exhausting level.

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